Ami Shinar + Mann-Shinar Architects

Shinar practices two parallel worlds in his creative work: Architecture and Art. Trans+Formation is a new solo exhibition on urban and social transformation as seen in his hometown Tel Aviv – places, people and spirit. Shinar’s art echoes also the recent mass demonstrations against the government of Israel, with his “Handmaid’ Tale” (women in red) iconic parade series. This is his second solo exhibition in Italy, following his “My Tel Aviv” exhibition in Circolo del Design, Torino, 2022. In 1991 Shinar established with his partner Amir Mann the office of Mann-Shinar Architects, today a well-known responsible for the new Ramon Airport, the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem,  the National Library of Israel (with Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron, towards completion in 2023), Haifa waterfront and more. Some of these projects will be presented in this exhibition.

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