Andrea Halm – reingesägt

The wooden sculptures of Andrea Halm appear comical, whimsical and catch the eye of the viewer from afar in their garish expressive color and enormous size. The figure present in Andrea Halm’s imagination thus develops according to her fantasy, during the work with certain modifications, in a dialogue, so to speak, between the artist and the being she has created, and thus in the end gains its very individual character from this confrontation of the fictitious imagination of its creator with the conditions of the material. She succeeds in this in an impressive way, by holding up a mirror to us in a light manner and stimulating us to think about ourselves and our lives, true to the motto: Everything colorful? So what!

  • Section: Art Installation
  • Venue: Palazzo Mora
  • Based in: Köngen, Germany
  • Links: Website, Instagram

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