Deng Xiao

Deng Xiao, graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, has gained international recognition for her works, which have been featured in prominent exhibitions and awarded both domestically and internationally. Her works have been shortlisted for the Public Art category of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and she has created art installations for the 2021 World University Games. Deng’s work has received the inaugural “Tomorrow” Contemporary Sculpture Awards and has been featured in “Cheers:) 2009 Counter-Flow Exhibition” in London, the Art and Value Exhibition in the US, and the “Showcases Today-Solo Exhibition ” of Beijing Today Art Museum. Her works have been collected and auctioned by Forever Cultural Auction House, Hennessy Collection, and Audi New Elements Collection. Deng’s works embody the essence of the unknown, evoking a sense of wonder and fascination with their ability to manifest the enigmatic and intangible. They embody the concept of transcending from virtual to reality- a feeling of the awe-inspiring, enormous, mysterious objects with incredible power, absurd wonders, rare celestial activities, unknown civilization and sound waves beyond human perception, in this boundless and infinite space of the universe. She often interprets scientific or philosophical concepts in her own way. These abstract concepts construct the origin of the universe or the way it exists in theory, yet their intangibility makes them elusive to human sensory apprehension. Deng attempts to approach the intangible worlds through her art, breaking through the limitations of the three-dimensional space. In antiquity, prior to the advent of scientific awareness, people constructed disparate conceptions of the original state of the world in relation to the existence of multidimensional worlds. Mythology, religion, and philosophy, to a certain extent, were all entangled with shaping the ideas regarding a world beyond three-dimensional space.

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