Moniteurs Communication Design

Moniteurs is a design company based in Berlin, founded in 1994. With our interdisciplinary team of designers we are working in the field of wayfinding, information design, UX-design and corporate design. Especially in the field of wayfinding we have acquired wide knowledge and expertise. It is not only the design of the signage that fascinates us, but also the creation of a contemporary design system and a functional information architecture to enhance the customer experience. Our experiences and our networks of programming, evaluation and production enrich us, and we use the various facets and knowledge gained from our years of experience to increase the effectiveness of our work. At the same time, many things are in a state of con­ tinuous change, and so development and change are naturally a part of our work, allowing innovative solutions to arise.

  • Section: Design
  • Venue: Palazzo Bembo
  • Based in: Berlin, Germany
  • Links: Website, Instagram