Jarzombek Professor – Office of (Un)certainty Resarch

Jarzombek Professor (Diplom Architekt. ETH: 1980, Ph.D. MIT: 1986 teaches at MIT in the Department of Architecture. His most recent book is Architecture Constructed: Notes on a Discipline (Bloomsbury, 2023). Office of (Un)Certainty Research [O(U)R] is a collaboration between Mark Jarzombek and Vikram Prakash that began in 2019. O(U)R sets out projects for itself – about two a year – that lie at the intersection of design and philosophy, research and fiction, and history and storytelling. One of their projects, A House Deconstructed was exhibited at the Venice Biennale (2021) and has been published by Actar Press, 2023. Another project, Tirtha Human Recomposting Complex, was exhibited at Space, Time Existence Exhibition in Venice (2021).

  • Section: Architecture
  • Venue: Palazzo Bembo
  • Based in: Boston and Seattle, USA
  • Links: Website