Shannon Bassett Atelier + McEwen School of Architecture (MSoA)/Anurhadha Chaturvedi – Delhi School of Planning and Architecture (SPA)/Smita Datta Makhija – AVESANA

Shannon Bassett Atelier (SBA) is a design research practice based in Sudbury+Ottawa, Canada working at the intersection(s) of architecture, urban design and landscape ecology. The “Recovering Shahjahanabad project is a collaboration including SBA and the McEwen School of Architecture with Prof. Anuradha Chaturvedi from the Delhi School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) and Smita Datta Makhija of AVESANA Architects based in New Delhi, India. Design research includes participatory community engagement within Shahjahanabad and working with key stakeholders, constituents, elected officials and those voices typically marginalized in the design processes. The collaborator is an advisor to the consultation process on the Delhi 2041 masterplan.

  • Section: Architecture
  • Venue: Palazzo Mora
  • Based in: Canada and India
  • Links: Website, Instagram