Xin Yuan, Structural Consultants

Xin Yuan is the founder of the China Structure Forum (, which has 350,000 members and more than 1,000,000 posts. Since 2016 he has been a postgraduate tutor of Southeast University. He has been invited to give lectures or reports at ARUP, LERA, Mott McDonald etc., and his works have won theStructuralAwards, A’Awards, A+Awards, IconicAwards , WAF and other international awards. Xin Yuan Structural Consultants is a team of engineers work for expanding the boundaries of structures. Selected as the top 5 best structural firm of the world by US A+ in 2021. Architects often pursue extreme effects such as slender columns, light and thin plates, which are often judged as unrealizable by structural engineers. When all of them say no to an architecture proposal, maybe XinY can say yes.

  • Section: Architecture
  • Venue: Marinaressa Gardens
  • Based in: Shanghai, China
  • Links: Website

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