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Ever since 2012, Time Space Existence has been presented as the extensive biennial architecture exhibition organised and hosted by the European Cultural Centre that contemplates the fundamental philosophical concepts of Time, Space and Existence. It brings together an international and eclectic group of participants working across different disciplines who present completed and ongoing projects, innovative proposals, and utopian dreams of architectural expressions focusing and reflecting upon these topics in line with contemporary discussions.

Organised every other year, the exhibition Time Space Existence aims to stimulate an exchange among architects, universities, legendary masters, emerging studios, established global practices, designers, artists, photographers, developers, and engineering companies, who together can have a crucial role in shaping the future of our ways of living.

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Exhibition venues

Palazzo Mora

The outstanding variety of the venue’s features make Palazzo Mora a versatile space where to display a substantial group of projects and installations. The building includes vast rooms with fresco ceilings, white-cube spaces, rooms with moderate dimensions, wooden beams and an intimate atmosphere.

Site specific installations were built specifically at Palazzo Mora, from a self-balancing arch in the garden inspired by Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence, to a 1:1000 scale model that proposes a new view of vertical urbanism. Other projects delve deeper into the promising field of digital building technology with the aim to find carbon-free solutions and introduce new technologically innovative construction techniques and materials that can sustain the cities of tomorrow.

Palazzo Bembo

For the 2023 edition of Time Space Existence, the historic venue of Palazzo Bembo will showcase a wide variety of presentations including an extraordinary combination of mediums. The characteristics of the venue, with its symmetrical distribution of the rooms on both floors, make the space perfectly suitable for all projects’ content.

Palazzo Bembo plays host to projects that look at testimonies on migration and climate displacement, and investigate ways to ameliorate the impacts of the current cost of living crisis and address the need for social and spatial justice. Some presentations portray new scenarios for our cities from an artistic stance, whereas others examine the tensions between the built urban environment and the nature surrounding it.

Marinaressa Gardens

The two public gardens, Marinaressa Garden of Levante and Ponente, one more specular than the other, are located in Riva Dei Sette Martiri, 15 minutes away from the main square of Venice, Piazza San Marco, and five minutes from La Biennale.

Marinaressa Gardens welcome installations and sculptures that tune into the natural environment, transforming it into an extraordinary sculpture park. From projects created with bio materials to robotic fabrications, architectural systems that respond to the adverse forces of modern society to playful structures that look at the impact we each have on the environment, visitors will have the opportunity to discover an array of multidisciplinary displays.

Palazzo Michiel

Besides being the office of the ECC Italy team, Palazzo Michiel is also a location where a diverse programme of events including conferences, workshops, video screenings, performances and educational programmes is hosted.

Online Catalogue

Want to discover more about Time Space Existence and its participants? Download the 2023 Online Catalogue for a deep insight.  For press inquiries and Press Release please visit the Press page.

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Time Space Existence on film

Every year our project is enhanced by a series of videos which delve into our values.

Meet our team and hear more about our projects in Venice. Find out how our exhibitions and activities have developed through the years and what happens behind the scenes at the European Cultural Centre.

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